Dr. Zachary Potts, DDS

"Our dental team goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable, and that your stay goes as smoothly as possible. We do everything in our power to make you feel at ease, and make your stay more enjoyable." -Dr. Zachary Potts

Are you in search of the leading dentist in Moorpark? At Moorpark Dental Care, you will find a dental team that will welcome you to their family, and where you will experience exceptional "five-star service." In addition to ensuring a comfortable visit, providing renewed health, and dramatically enhancing one of your best assets, we look forward to helping you have healthier teeth and a brighter smile!

One of the main goals of Dr. Potts was to establish a Moorpark dental practice to dispel the misconception that dentistry is painful or that the dental office is an unpleasant place to be. Therefore, he really takes time with each individual client to explain how the treatment works. In his Moorpark office, around the bend from Simi Valley dental practices, he has created a different kind of environment—providing various amenities, as well as techniques, to make your visit comfortable and relaxed. Many say that it was the first time they had a 100% pain-free visit at the dentist!

Moorpark Dental Services: High Tech, High Touch, High End

Along with exceptional customer service, Dr. Zachary Potts knows that it is also the quality of the work that ultimately impresses people. His cosmetic procedures are of the highest caliber, with the look and feel of natural teeth - whether they receive partial dentures, dental implants, porcelain veneers or crowns.

Moorpark Dental Care

The philosophy of this dedicated cosmetic dentist in Moorpark CA is actually a conservative approach to helping his patients. Dr. Potts prefers to save the teeth and enamel whenever possible, treating teeth minimally, according to the health and aesthetic goals of his patient.

In fact, many patients have had their prior Thousand Oaks dentist decide that they would have to lose their teeth or have them extracted; yet Dr. Potts was able to provide a more conservative option and actually save their teeth.

This is one example of the expert care you can expect to receive. We invite you to Moorpark Dental Care to experience our "five-star service" and outstanding care for yourself, and to see how a healthy, natural, and more youthful smile can change your life for the better.  Contact Moorpark Dental for more information about the services and treatments we offer.